Primary Classes

Our next classes are being held during the July School Holidays at St John’s Hall (43-45 Highett Street Mansfield).

Pasta Day                Lunch: Pasta          Take-home treats: Chocolate Crackles

Handmade pasta with Napoletana sauce and yummy Chocolate Crackles, what more could we want for lunch?

  • Tuesday 4th July 10am – 1pm    – $45

Winter Warmers           Lunch: Quiche                Take-home treats: Doughnuts 

First we make the pastry, then we fill it with delicious ingredients. I hope we have space for some Doughnuts in the end. 

  • Wednesday 5th July 10am – 12:30pm    – $45
  • Wednesday 12th July 10am – 12:30pm – $45 (interest only at this stage)

Out Camping              Lunch: Campfire treats

We may not be outside camping but let’s use this time to learn some easy and yummy foods that you could make next time you are around a campfire. We are making campfire boats, damper and a chocolate dessert!

  • Monday 10th July 10am – 12:30pm – $45 (interest only at this stage)
  • Tuesday 11th July 10am – 12:30pm  -$45

Delicious Desserts

What a way start our last week of school holidays. Delicious desserts are always a favourite and in this class we are making lots of yummy treats with Strawberry Tarts, Cake Pops and Apple Pies. 

  • Monday 11th July 1:30pm – 3:30pm – $45



All classes include at least two yummy foods, a recipe book, one utensil, an apron and some food to take home.

Step 1: Fill in the form below to book your spot, spots are limited to 15 children per class.

Step 2: Complete and return the enrolment form that will be emailed to you if you haven’t already done so.

Step 3: Confirm your booking with payment of your class. Payment is required to be made a week before the class takes place.

Step 4: Let’s get cooking!