Why should our kids cook?

As a primary school teacher I am passionate about learning. Or more specifically I am passionate about the excitement and fun that comes with learning. I also am a big believer in children learning through their passions and I don’t know many kids who don’t love to eat something yummy – my daughter in particular! So really the question is: why not get kids cooking? By using their excitement to explore how the food gets to their kitchen and then onto their plate, we can be engaging kids in so much more than just eating the yummy food at the end – although that is definitely one of my favourite parts.

It is amazing how sometimes you can just stumble across learning something new, maybe you have just tasted a new flavour, learning the way it makes you feel, maybe it inspires you to think about another flavour it would taste nice with. There was a lot of exploring before someone tried peanut butter and jam! Maybe your cake recipe needs 1 cup of flour but you can only find a 1/3 cup measure, is this not a great way to learn how to manipulate fractions to suit your needs?¬†Maybe your quiche recipe asks for half of a capsicum and you need to look at the shape of the capsicum to decide which would be the best place to cut it in half. Maybe by sitting down with your family and friends to eat a meal, that you’ve lovingly made, you get the chance to discuss the ingredients, how they came to be and how you changed them into their new delicious state. What a great way to converse, listen and connect.

Cooking with kids doesn’t just begin with reading the recipe and it certainly doesn’t end with eating the final product, it is a whole lot of fun, excitement and ownership of learning ¬†– so get cooking with your little foodie today!