If I had to name only one of my favourite foods it would be Choclambnutasta, I mean surely I could join all my favourite foods – Chocolate, Lamb, Coconut Rice and Pasta together couldn’t I?

While I’m sure I will get around to that meal one day, I think most importantly is the point that cooking, creating and eating food has infinite possibilities. My name is Lauren Dobie and I thoroughly enjoy life under many hats – my favourite being mum, wife and teacher. My family keeps me busy and I love all of our crazy adventures, partly made possible by the amazing place that we live. As a primary school teacher I have seen adventures in some of the same, but also many different ways. I love the possibilities as a teacher both inside and outside of the classroom. Nothing is more exciting than watching children attempt, learn, grow and succeed at something they  had never thought was possible. Cooking is one of those things. Life happens and some kids don’t get the chance to cook during their busy day to day lives. The Little Foodies Group is hoping to give children that opportunity and more.

You definitely don’t need to be creating something new or to a Masterchef quality each day – I can assure you that I don’t – but these days every recipe is at our fingertips and a variety of fresh foods just down the street. What an exciting world! Even more exciting is that our kids get to experience it too. Created in 2017 The Little Foodies Group gives kids the opportunity to cook something delicious and amazing while sharing the experience with others.

So what is The Little Foodies Group?

In Mansfield we are spoilt for choice with our options for sport and after school activities. However sometimes we need to slow down, sit down and share a meal. One of my favourite things to do is to cook for others and sit and talk over that food family style. Meal in the middle, conversation all around – what a lovely experience! However before our food reaches the table there is a lot to happen and a lot to consider. This is the perfect opportunity for children to talk about, wonder and explore food options, to discover that distinction between ‘eat most’ and ‘eat sometimes’ food and to discuss how food nourishes their growing bodies.

The Little Foodies Group cooking classes are generally a 2 and a half hour session aimed at 5 – 12 year olds and combine cooking, eating and friendship as children learn a skill and have lots of fun!

Each class involves:

  • Cooking two courses
  • As little or as much help for your Little Foodie as they need
  • Working together to set a table fit for a group of hungry kids
  • Time to begin individual recipe books
  • Sharing a meal with others

Each child will take home:

  • A recipe book ready for more recipes to be added
  • One utensil
  • An apron
  • A taste of each course
  • Something to be proud of with a great feeling of achievement!


Cooking is such a fun experience with multiple benefits for your growing Little Foodie.


I can’t wait to cook up a feast with you!

See you soon,